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Date: November 9, 2019

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Greetings all WoW fans!

We are glad to present a new WoW Wrath of the Lich King private server project.

The current private server stage has a shortage of certain types of servers. We are aiming to fill in the gap. We deliver detailed Blizzlike quality put together with High Rates, something that we believe to be uncommon. This is what Another Way stands for!

Why Another Way is another way?

Many High Rate servers are known for poor quality, Pay 2 Win or corrupt GM Teams. We aim for our project to last long, so the most important thing are solid foundations, such as:

  • Detailed and stable emulator
  • Lagless, trusted hosting
  • Experienced developers
  • Rates tuned for post-leveling content and more farmless approach
  • Being serious about the community and the project itself
  • No pay 2 win, ever!

Another Way – project goals

We aim to reduce the grind to minimum but keep the game competitive and rewarding at the same time. Moreover, we pay a lot of attention to details and we will fix any inconsistency between the original experience that you report as soon as possible, with accurate precision.

Please see and share our trailer to help us grow!


  • Official Facebook: link
  • Official YouTube: link
  • Official Discord: link
  • Official Website: link
  • Official Forum: link

Will you be able to verify the scripting of the project?

Yes! We are planning to release beta that will last for 14 days soon! What will you be able to see?

  • Blizzlike Dynamic Spawn for crowded locations
  • Detailed raid scripting from Naxxramas to Icecrown Citadel (Gunship included!)
  • Polished Movement and Pathfinding system
  • Scripted quest chains like: Battle for the Undercity
  • And many, many more
#Any bugs found during beta will be fixed before the final release.

Is Another Way planning to release any other expansions besides WotLK?

Yes, we plan to release The Burning Crusade server as well in the foreseeable future, it is already being worked on. Stay tuned for more information about it!

Whom is Another Way dedicated to?

The project is dedicated to people who are willing to play on the detailed Blizzlike server but would like to reduce the grinding to a minimum. A lot of WoW fans played on different servers, retail included, over the years. It is perfectly understandable that most of them do not find it fun to farm everything all over again, they just wish for the post-leveling content which is what we all love WoW for.

Does High Rate mean Pay 2 Win?

No worries, It does not! We will never provide any way of getting an unfair advantage over other players using real money. The only thing that you will be able to get are speed ups, like instant 80, exp boosts and vanity items that will be available after realm firsts.

Will Another Way feature any custom content?

No, our server aims for Blizzlike experience and it is, and will always be our main goal.

Will there be any custom features?

Yes, we are going to add the following: teleport character to Dalaran and Shattrath in all major cities skip class quests Both of these options will be enabled by default. You will be later able to disable them in your account panel if you wish for a more blizzlike experience.

Will there be any community events?

Yes, we will release “Top 10 of the month rankings” to show the best of the best!

What kind of Rankings?

To name a few:

  • Guilds:
  • The fastest time of killing a boss
  • Realm Firsts


  • Most played time
  • Highest gearscore


  • Arena Teams with Highest rating
  • Most HKs Player

Will there be any rewards for the above?

Yes, we will be rewarding top players with cosmetics.

Another Way is High Rate, but what does it mean exactly?

  • x9 all rates
  • A customizable option to disable the class quests
  • Portals to Dalaran and Shattrath in all major cities
  • The arena points will be flushed 3 times a week in order to speed up things to match the rates but also promote frequent play, however the amount of arena points received on flush will be reduced by:
  • 0.5x for 2v2
  • 0.6x for 3v3
  • 0.7x for 5v5

Stay tuned for further announcements and of course see you in the game!

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