[Another Way, Avalon] 31st of January – 3rd of February 30% more Experience | 8th of February: Ulduar & Season 6

Posted by AnotherWayOfficial

Date: January 31, 2020

Categories: Announcements


We are glad to inform that we have prepared a special event just before Ulduar and Season 6 launch.

All Experience gained will be increased by 30% in order to allow new players to prepare for upcoming content. Moreover, our special currencies (Gladiator, Battle and Champion Crowns) income will be increased x2!

Don’t be late! Join now on: https://playanotherway.com

Our social media:

Facebook: https://facebook.playanotherway.com

Discord: https://discord.playanotherway.com

Youtube: https://youtube.playanotherway.com

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