All items have been increased by 50%.

We’ve recently changed the stats on all items and players will need clear caches before logging on. If you don’t clear cache then you will get visual bugs. The Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Spell Power, and Attack Power on all items have been increased by 50%. The health, damage, and armor of mobs have also be increased to match recent buffs to players. If you encounter any issues with damage on mobs then please report it our Discord’s bug report channel!
We’ve also added a new system to add visual enchants to a weapon. This system uses Shinys and Soulcores as a currency. You buy an item with gold coins to use this system for free, if you so choose. It’s intended mainly to be a Shiny/SoulCore sink. Speak with Weapon-Illusionist Alleria in the mall.
Be sure to join our discord so you stay connected with our community and staff!

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