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Date: October 31, 2020

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Calling all able bodied monster hunters! Darkshire is under threat from all types of foul and spooky monsters! They’ve hired two monster hunters to get rid of the problem but they need assistance! Use the portal in the mall to enter the event. As you do quest and kill monsters you’ll be rewarded with two types of event currency.

– Event Tokens 
This is our main Event currency and it will be used for all our non-seasonal event items. Such as event trinkets, our first set of event items we’ll be releasing a little later on. These trinkets will receive new ranks periodically with new events. You’ll be able to earn Event Tokens from all types of the events in the future rather it be seasonal events, staff hosted events, or normal recurring events. The vendor(when it’s added later on) will ALWAYS be spawned.

– Spooky Token 
This is the special Halloween currency you earn in the event. It can be used to buy BoA Event items(Weps, Helms, Tab/Shirt). These are one-time buy items designed for newer players and alts. They will be on par with T5. A sort of catch-up. You can buy a wide range of new cosmetic from 3 new auras, 3 new mounts, 2 new pets, 3 new toys, and 3 new morphs. You earn these through questing, dailies, weekly, and farming mobs,veins, and herbs inside of Duskwood. You can also find the rare chest spawns and rare boss spawns which will give you more rewards than normal.

– Battlegrounds 
All rewards from battlegrounds are increased by 25% for the duration of this event.

– Giveaways –
We’ll be hosting a lot of giveaways in our discord for the duration of this event. Be sure to join discord so you can enter them!

We kept the event a bit simple this year. Next year we’ll update the story and expand the quest more as we’ll have more time and less crunched with other projects. Event Vendor and Rare spawns will be coming over the next few days!

Happy Halloween, everyone. Remember to stay safe in these trying times.

The event will last until November the18th.

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