TBC: Herb locations and zone cheat sheet

TBC Herb locations and zone cheat sheet
TBC Herb locations and zone cheat sheet TBC Guides

Guide Type: Professions

Profession: Herbalism


  • Hellfire Peninsula – Felweed, Dreamfoil, Mountain silversage, Golden Sansam, Dreaming Glory
  • Zangarmarsh – Felweed, Blindweed, Golden Sansam, Rageveil, Dreamfoil, Flame Cap, Dreaming Glory
  • Terrokar Forest – Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Terrocone
  • Nagrand – Felweed, Dreaming Glory
  • Blade’s Edge – Dreaming Glory, Felweed
  • Netherstorm – Dreaming Glory, Netherbloom, Liferoot, Golden Sansam, Mana Thistle
  • Shadowmoon Valley – Felweed, Terrocone, Nightmare Vine
  • Instance Coilfang Reservoir: Slave Pens – Dreaming Glory, Rageveil, Felweed, Ancient Lichen
  • Instance Auchindoun: Mana Tombs – Ancient Lichen


Fel Blossom
Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 Damage, lasts 15 seconds
Requires Level 60, Soulbound
Found in Felweed

Flame Cap
Use: Chance to Strike a Ranged of Melee target for 40 fire damage. Also increases Fire spell damage by up to 80. Lasts 1 min.
Requires Level 55

Fel Lotus
Randomly found in any herb

Mote of Life
Found in any herb. Not exclusive to herbalism.

Bog Giants
All kinds are lootable via herbalism much like most beasts are skinnable after they have been fully looted. This rewards one of:
Small Mushroom (gray quality)
Zangarcap – 4300 food
Dreaming Glory
Ancient Lichen
Mote of Life (1-2)

Netherbloom Pollen
Random Stat Increased or Decreased by 50, Lasts 15 minutes
Acquired after picking Netherbloom

Mote of Mana
Randomly found in Netherbloom

Mana Thistle
This can be found in various zones, but only in places that are reachable only by flight. You will gain a random amount of mana after picking Mana Thistle

Nightmare Vine
After picking you take 100 damage per second for 8 seconds due to poison spores coming out of the plant. Possibly resistable.

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