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Questie is the most popular quest helper addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft.

Use /questie to show the help menu in game. Possible values for /questie <command> are:

Arrow related commands

Note: The arrow only works if the tracker is enabled (see below).

  • arrow: Toggles the QuestArrow on and off.
  • corpsearrow: Toggles the CorpseArrow on and off.

Tracker related commands

  • tracker: Toggles on and off the QuestTracker.
  • cleartracker: Resets the position of the QuestTracker and places it in the center of your screen.
  • color: Two different color schemes. The original(default) and the other mimics Monkey Quests colors.
  • header: This places an additional line (depending on which direction you have your QuestTracker listing quests) either above or below and informs you how many quests you have in your log.
  • listdirection: The default setting lists quests in the QuestTracker from the Top –> Down. Running this command will change the direction from Bottom –> Top.
  • qtscale: Resizes the Questie QuestTracker using one of 3 pre-programed sizes. Small(default), Medium and Large
  • background: Turns on the QuestTracker background
  • backgroundalpha: Sets the QuestTracker background alpha level. Takes a number input from 1 to 9.

Miscellaneous setting commands

  • showquests: Toggles on and off the ability to always show quests on the Worldmap / Minimap – tracked or not tracked.
  • maxlevel: Toggles the maxlevel filter on or off.
  • setmaxlevel: Hides quests until levels above players level (default=3).
  • minlevel: Toggles the minlevel filter on or off.
  • setminlevel: Hides quests levels below players level (default=5).
  • professions: Toggles profession related quests.
  • tooltips: Toggles on and off the Quest Objective tool tips.
  • mapnotes: Toggles all World Map and Mini Map icons on and off. This is the same function as the Questie Toggle button on the World Map (which will eventually be removed).
  • resizemap: This command is for those that do NOT run a Worldmap mod such as Metamap or Cartographer. This toggles the Worldmap in either fullscreen or windowed mode.
  • cluster: Toggles quest icon clustering, which combines available/complete quest icons into groups of up to 5.

Maintenance commands

  • settings: Displayes your current toggles and settings in your default chat window.
  • clearconfig: Resets all Questie settings and removes stale quest database entries (will not delete completed quests).
  • NUKE: Resets ALL Questie data and settings which includes the quest database.

If you’d like to support the development of Questie by donating, you can do so here:

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