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An AddOn for World of Warcraft (1.12.1), mostly known as “Vanilla”, which aims to be a full replacement for the original interface. The design is highly inspired by TukUI and ElvUI, bringing modern features and a minimalistic style that’s easy to use right from the start. It is entirely written from scratch without any inclusion of third-party addons or libraries.

This is not an addon-pack like ShaguUI, however, there will be support for external addons like MobHealth3 and HealComm, but they will never be shipped within the package.



1. Download & Unpack the Zip file
2. Rename the folder “pfUI-master” to “pfUI”
3. Copy “pfUI” folder into Wow-DirectoryInterfaceAddOns
4. Restart Wow


/pfui – Open the configuration GUI
/share – Open the configuration import/export dialog
/gm – Open the ticket Dialog
/rl – Reload the whole UI
/farm – Toggles the Farm-Mode
/pfcast – Same as /cast but for mouseover units
/focus – Creates a Focus-Frame for the current target
/castfocus – Same as /cast but for focus frame
/clearfocus – Clears the Focus-Frame




Every pfUI installation contains language specific code to fully support the following gameclients:
English (enUS), Korean (koKR), French (frFR), German (deDE), Chinese (zhCN), Spanish (esES) and Russian (ruRU)


How can I donate?
You can’t. I’m doing this for fun. Enjoy!

How do I report a Bug?
Please provide as much information as possible in the Bugtracker.
If there is an error message, provide the full content of it. Just telling that “there is an error” won’t help any of us.
Please consider adding additional information such as: since when did you got the error,
does it still happen using a clean configuration, what other addons are loaded and which version you’re running.
When playing with a non-english client, the language might be relevant too. If possible, explain how people can reproduce the issue.

How can I contribute?
Report Errors, Issues and Feature Requests in the Bugtracker.
Please make sure to have the latest version installed and check for conflicting addons beforehand.

Can I use Clique with pfUI?
A pfUI compatible version of Clique can be found Here. If you want to keep your current version of Clique, you’ll have to apply this Patch.

How do I show the Damage- and Threatmeter Dock?
If you enabled the “dock”-feature for your external (third-party) meters such as DPSMate or KTM, then you’ll be able to toggle between them and the Right Chat by clicking on the “>” symbol on the bottom-right panel.

Why is my chat always resetting to only 3 lines of text?
You need to disable the “Simple Chat” in blizzards interface settings (Advanced Options). Then relog and reset/run the firstrun wizard again.

How can I enable mouseover cast?
Create a macro with “/pfcast SPELLNAME”. If you also want to see the cooldown, You might want to add “/run if nil then CastSpellByName(“SPELLNAME”) end” on top of the macro.

You wrote everything from scratch?! Are you insane?
Most probably, yes.

Recommended Addons

* pfQuest A simple database and quest helper
* WIM Give whispers an instant messenger feel
* MobHealth3 Estimates a mob’s health

Expansion Game Version Download
vanilla wow 1.12.1 addons Vanilla WoW 1.12.1 Download
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