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Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/R5hWvb2

Realm Description

PvP Leagues | Theatre of Blood | Most Active Deep Wilderness | Active Multi & Single Clans | PvP Tasks | Casket Mystery Drops | Trading Post | Achievements | Profitable PvMing | Perfect Combat

Daily 100M 07+ Tournaments

  • A weekly held tournament varying from
  • NH to Hybrid and Mage Bank wars.
  • Compete with your clan for the 100$ reward!

Profitable Slayer & Wilderness Bosses

  • The slayer monsters are very profitable and fun to grind.
  • You can also increase your wealth by killing monsters in the wilderness which drop super-rare items.

Daily, Weekly & Normal Achievements

  • Complete new tasks every day for rewards in return.
  • The Normal Achievements reward you with an achievement cape.


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