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Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/QzJ3Au

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718 loading 718 – Full Construction – Full Dungeoneering – All Skills – Boss and Skill Pets – IM, HCIM, UIM, Skiller modes – Unique Prestige System – 200 Slayer Tasks With teleport to task – Achievements – Fair donation system

BlissScape started as a passion project but has grown into something I can really be proud of. BlissScape is a 718/718 RSPS focusing on keeping the feel of 2012 Runescape gameplay, but a bit more Blissful. Hence the name.

You’ll notice extremely quickly the quality of life content and user-friendly design of the server. This is the main goal.

Such as simply clicking on a skill in the Skills tab to teleport to its training locations. BlissScape has all the content you’re used to seeing in 718s, plus plenty extra.


BlissScape RSPSBlissScape RSPSBlissScape RSPSBlissScape RSPSBlissScape RSPSBlissScape RSPS
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