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Realmlist: set realmlist logon.wowgasm-reloaded.org

Discord: https://discord.gg/cPtrtj3

Realm Description

WoWGasm Reloaded – brought to you by the visionaries of WoWGasm past.

  • Progressive Server
  • Dynamic XP Rates
  • Transmog system
  • Wintergrasp working
  • Active development
  • Dedicated (event) staff
  • Active Forums and Discord
  • Frequent promotion events
  • Custom shop where you can vote or donate
  • Special rates such as rep/prof/drop every second weekend
  • Developers playing among players to make sure content such as dungeons and raids get fixed.



Q: Another attempt to reboot WoWGasm?
A: Yes, this time in lead of experienced former staff from WoWGasm and (ex)developers with years of experience.

Q: Why did you decide to use WoWGasm and not a new name?
A: Because we hope to reach out to the old players that miss it as much as we do.

Q: Has anything improved over time?
A: What hasn’t? Better servers, less bugs, older and more experienced staff, no more pay to win donations.. I can keep going!

Q: (I was part of the staff on WoWGasm/RG.) Can I be a GM?
A: We are always looking for new staff as the server grows. At this moment we are sufficient with the staff we have.

Q: Will you ever become big again?
A: We try to! We have a lot unique ideas and tricks to reach our goals!

Q: How can I join?
A: It’s super easy! You download our client, create your account and finished! Or.. you can just use your own 3.3.5a client.

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