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Frostmourne is set to release on April 15, 2020.

  • Raiding content will be tuned as current Lordaeron’s content is tuned. This is not the same as on Lordaeron launch, as we have refined the difficulty over the years considering large amounts of player feedback, striking a balance and achieving content difficulty that is challenging but far from impossible for the average player. This is still in the stage of careful consideration and community feedback is welcome.
  • There will be two raid resets in one week, one to enable playing on weekdays and one to enable playing on weekends.
  • Crossrealm will be activated for battlegrounds, but various measures will be in effect to ensure that players you find yourself against or allied with will be on equivalent standing in terms of gear.
  • Marketplace will be similar to Icecrown model.
  • Character trading and the trading system will be available as on Lordaeron.
  • Characters will be moved to Icecrown, once the season ends, assuring a fresh competitive realm each time a new season starts.
  • The season is set to last 12 months. The content will be divided in four tiers. The content of the first tier will be available on day one. Every three months, the content will progress further.

Warmane – Frostmourne News

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2 years ago

Healthy active population
Active market, consistent prices
Queue times

Hands down the worst community i have ever seen across all WoW servers.
Admins /GMs dont care about the server, im not even sure if they ever come online.
PvE content overtuned to the max almost. Cool for the first time, turns into an unnecessary chore after you completed 50-60 runs.

If there was a decent wotlk server out there, it would have easily ended Warmane. But unfortunately there isnt so, if you want to play wotlk, you are going to have to play on this one, like me.


1 year ago
Reply to  Tri

I 100% agree,the only good thing is the healthy population…. Outside of that,their scripts are wayyyyyyyyy behind game district/sunwell/dalaran and also the playerbase itself are mostly casuals/ppl that are new(bad) to the game.

2 years ago

My experience:
-I had fun time with random strangers who I’ve met so far, there are some really cool people out there, and a lot of those who aren’t.
-Server has bugs that are very noticable (I even had combat bug once, although, most of bugs are connected to either getting stuck at random objects or NPCs not working properly)
-Population is very good, low queue times.

I like this server, however, I do not like bugs and glitches, some of which are even questbreaking. Community can also be very toxic sometimes. If you are looking for a casual fun non-Blizzlike experience I recommend this server, but if you are looking for competitive Blizz-like experience, I recommend you to look elsewhere.

2 years ago

guys how to get generated code

1 year ago

I’m not going to bother with this one too much.
Community: 1/10 (absolutely unbearable, toxic, cheaters, scripters, bad gamemasters, pay to win server overall)
Scripting: 4/10 (they improved a lot since the first release, but there are some issues that haven’t been fixed for years now)
Population: 10/10 (a lot of people, but the quality of them is 1/10)

1 year ago

While the server itself is good and well scripted, the community is just the worst.
So many gankers all around the quest hubs makes leveling your worst nightmare

1 year ago

Worst scripts,worst community,worst support.

1 year ago

1. Gms are unexistent
2. lot of people
3. Toxic Comunity
4. I encourage you to play in another server

1 year ago

Well Admins , dont give shit about this servers, toxic community a lot of pedophiles [ admins also dont give a fuck]
lvl 80 pvp is useless as a horde, horde is spawncamped by alliance crossrealm [ Blackrock pvp server ] players.

1 year ago

Pay to Win server. On this server can play only donaters, I play on it 2-3 yers. Administration can ban you cz some boxer or donater report you, they have priority to ban all who they don’t like it, but you can’t ban donater or Multiboxer even for cheating. If you are not donater on this server, when you are not player, you are fresh meat for donater and boxer.

And don’t lose you time on there Forum, moderator will delete all your bad review about donate, Multiboxing or about mechanic of game what they don’t want to fix it, or maybe they are too stupid to fix it.

10 months ago

Active Population


A lot of people are so bad at the game you could die from heart failure and still win dps as long as you face lands right on the keyboard. If you are lucky they can at least speak English so you might be able to help them improve. (I’ve seen tons of lvl 80’s who can’t even break 1k dps, not even on AoE pulls)

The absolute worst community I’ve ever seen on any wow server, the amount of psychotic degenerates here is unmatched by anything in the universe.

You’re gonna have to deal with getting chased 24/7 getting camped by lvl 80’s (full wrathful gear) with epic flying, constant harassment, dead quest givers etc. This is never gonna stop, you can count on easily getting griefed and ganked about a 200-300 times lvling up. And that might just mean you got away lucky.

Like another comment before me point out, the GM’s/Admins don’t give a crap about the server or players. They let these degens run amok and no place is safe anymore. If you even dare to question or criticize the great leaders you will in proper nazi fashion get banned. Don’t question your overlords, just lose your mind with the ganking and spend real money to avoid it instead.

This is quite clearly what they want, they know their server is the worst wow realm that ever existed. They just don’t care, it’s a cashgrab all of it.

Summary: Find another server to play on, it’s not worth it. You will never get a good enjoyable time or any justice here. Unless you plan to quit your job, live of social welfare and become another Warmane degenerate.

Good luck!

9 months ago

i really dont think there is another server where administration puts so little work/care into something that actually gives them a lot of money and you can see this while playing on this terrible realm . i see the same bugs i saw 5 years ago when i was playing here for the first time , i see the same terrible community full of clueless ppl and now this administration even put their new realm into crossrealm pvp so you can enjoy pvping vs geared premades from older realms . warmane is a joke and always was and knowing how much money they make from donations and goldsale its actually kinda weird seeing how much they dont give a fuck about this whole project .

25 days ago

not even skilltrees work proper on this server DONT PLAY!

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