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Realm Description

V.C.N WOW is a Wrath of The Lich King Private Server.
Our Server is the Grand Father of “Hardcore PvP” environment with a Funserver Theme. We take pride in our very unique Server Concept.
On our Realm you have access to Crossfaction Battlegrounds, Custom Arena Brackets [Solo-Q 1v1 & Solo-Q 3v3], World PVP such as Gurubashi Arena which is linked to a custom Chest Event that allows players to loot Custom & Premium Currencies and we provide players with Instant Professions, Max Skills as well as access to Level 277 items. We do not believe in non-stop grinding for gear on a Private Server, instead, our PVP Unique system gives players the means to get the best gear on our server such as BIS Items. Arena Season 9, Custom PVP Rewards and many other Custom items.
All our custom items and custom sets follow a unique formula of stats increase, we do not provide players with over powered gear and unbalanced stats. We are all about balance and fair PVP game play. However our server is very custom and gives players access to hundreds of custom items.
V.C.N WOW provides players with MOP & Legion Gladiator Items, Mythic Sets, Titles as well as Legion Textures and Objects and allows you to transform your gear in to Legion Models and Animations used in Legion Expansion but ported to work in WOTLK Environment. However in our Transmog Mall you will find items and sets from all Expansions, including: Vanilla & TBC and allows players to save their favorite Transmog sets to our database so you can switch between your saved sets at any time. Our Transmog System is considered to be one of the best among Private Servers. We dedicate a large portion of our time to Transmog System.
Our unique Funserver Concept allows access to Free Morphs, Free Visuals, Legion and MOP Custom Mounts, Toys, Vanity Items, Custom Fun Items, Transformation Stones, Portable Teleporter, Custom Daily Quests, Boss Encounters. Our Custom Currency system allows players to take whatever path they chose and still get the best gear on the server, we have a very sophisticated currency system which gives players access to exchange their hard working currency for any other currency in game.
We are very proud to be a NO PAY TO WIN Server. We allow players to gain access to Premium Items by exchanging their in game currencies for Premium Currency, your game played time is also used for our Monthly VIP Account Giveaways. Our events that are held weekly reward premium currency which can be used at our Premium Vendors.
One of the most important aspects of our server is our Amazing Community and Incredible Staff Members. We always have the most down to earth staff members and most incredible and chill players you will ever ever find anywhere else! Our server is a home for many players, from many different countries and we display it on our Gaming Globe, located on our website.  When you join our server, you will be always welcomed, you will always find a friend here, someone to share your experience, here on V.C.N.
We are waiting for you !
RR2739 & V.C.N WOW Staff,

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