Rising Gods

rising gods german wotlk wow private server
rising gods german wotlk wow private server Visit Website

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Realmlist: set realmlist logon.rising-gods.de

Discord: https://discord.gg/eZZSNTa

Realm Description

A German PvE realm with 1x rates and Blizzlike playstyle. Has a donation shop but only offers vanity items such as non-combat pets. They offer increased x2 experience rates from level 20 through 60 changeable via in game command.

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2 years ago

good server 🙂

2 years ago

So, does this server exist? Website sure doesn’t.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jakeito

yes, since years an active community.
But main german speakers

1 year ago
Reply to  Jakeito

Gave me 403 at first as well. Had to switch Tor channels in order to see the site.

1 year ago

I’ve decided to give that server a try; very bad decision. 95% of population are germans, what is not bad as is; worse most are frustrated and aggresive. Bad thing it looks administrators plays alliance and favorises them, allowing ie. speed hacks, wall teleport or semi-god mode behaviour at pvp (it is not normal boring regular 30-33k hit on player with 6.1+ gs pvp gear, from various alliance only persons at one WG raid). The most frustrating thing are GMs ignoring pve problems, signed from premium (real money paying player!). That means just virtually any punishment on any type of fanatics, cheaters, or just pure thieves stealing loot at raids, despite of proof, tickets, screenshoots and many raid members signups. Only one plus, I didnt notice many goldsellers, but I think chinese bots do not know german language enough.
Be warned, enter there at your own risk.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nomte

So full of bullshit. A fellah here thats on this server since 2k9 so i think i got a little bit more insight, since i played 2.6k + and every past content on it actively including lich king hardmode nowadays on a regularly basis twice a week with two different guilds. Theres a watchlist for every dude who COULD use a kickbot, hacks arent possible since theyre easily detected by the code. They are able to insivibly inspect their games and movement. And when i read such shit as “they pref alliance”. like seriously? You for real? Best would be to know that a Gm with an alliance character still supports horde aswell and fun fact, most of the gamemasters are on horde on their private account. The thing about toxicity is partial true, may be brought by the fact that greats like Homerjay and Draintrain wandered this server and brought attention to many people who play pvp aswell, right now with Defination another Warmane glad is active on it, and you wanna tell me that its full of hackers? Go dream on. Just because you got no clue how this game functions and youre coming from some kind of fun server, dont try to make it look bad just because you got definetly no clue of how the game works. There is a whole team trying to research how it was intended to be on Blizzard back in the days, including a ticket system where every player can submit screens or evidence on how it was supposed to be on blizz servers. And chinese Gold sellers are why not there? Because they dont just mute your char, they ban your ip permanent, which makes it unprofitable for any farmbots, besides, the code is detected easily as i said. Youre so full of shit, dont review something you dont know shit about, thanks.

Elcho Tagorda
Elcho Tagorda
1 year ago
Reply to  Nomte

lol horde scum mad

4 months ago

This server is strange. One side is, quite stable hardware, not many bots (noticed 2-3 only a time, not gold sellers but automatic grind), but second side – absolute terrific community. Someone said: Germans (meh!), but in my opinion common aggresion, greed and contempt to another players. Those are not my old good Germans, sorry to say. It is attitude: anyone is not like us (and dare to use english), is against us. Teutonic contempt to others (horde scum huh? prepare to spit in face every day) and sense of superiority. We are important, you are pure trash. Most players (but not all) are like animals, playing dirty for few purple pixels. It is disgusting. GMs looks like nonexistent or doing own business.

I do not recommend, save your nerves and health.

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