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Realm’s Concept

We had a vision for quite some time now, and while we struggled for so long to achieve it, the time is nigh. Our aim is to reproduce just a “slice” of the game, but to reproduce it perfectly. Perfection, for us, has a few tweaks on top of the original, but as depicted by our team, it is among the lines of the following concepts and, which we integrated on our realm:

  • Starting frame at level 68, in Northrend. Our aim is not having to drag players through days of obsolete-content game time, and potentially have them quit, in order for them to enjoy what we promised. We promise quality WotLK content, and that is what you are getting from the beginning, however, no one is saying you can’t experience the previous content at the very same quality standards set by Candorhal.
  • Starting conditions including all the needed resources, as if you would have just progressed through TBC. We provide you with adequate equipment, a ground mount, and other mandatory things in order to be ready to jump into battle. No gold, however, as we aim for a healthy and sustainable economy.
  • Scheduled content release, influenced by community’s progress.
  • There are many aspects that need to be decided with our community, things such as, Dungeon Finder, Profession Skills, Cold Weather Flying Price, Transmogrification and many more that we are sure, you lovely people know best. That is the reason as to why we invite you to visit our community and have a productive conversation so you can also take part in shaping this project, a project that was designed especially for you.One of our goals, since the beginning, was to develop in all directions. We aim for everyone to experience the side of the game they enjoy the most to its fullest. Being it the leveling phase or what follows afterwards, we managed to improve the quality of the game in every aspect. On top of that, all the role playing*players or communities wishing to adhere are*more than welcome; You will find in us all the extra support needed for an enhancing experience.

End Note


While we tried to fit all our thoughts and vision in this post, it would have been inhuman if we really managed to perfectly cover all the aspects. At this point, we would love to provide any additional insight you might want and to connect with like-minded people, in order to start a community based on trust, reciprocity and a common passion.

Candorhal – BETA TESTING News

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