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Date: September 6, 2021

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WoWPortal is inviting all players around the world to join our amazing community of players that no longer interested in playing stock servers, servers that constantly do the same thing over and over, outdated systems and concepts and would like to try something new, something never seen before, a server where you can learn how to play World of Warcraft, where you can play your favorite expansion, stress free, at your own pace.
Bring over your friend and you can both progress through WOTLK Content without the need of large groups! Play together and conquer it all!!
Our amazing community is more than willing to help newcomers adjust and feel welcomed on our server, if you are new to WoW, we are the server for you!
Soulforge PVE Server was created by WoWPortal Team and WoWPortal Community, why did I say “Community”? Because WoWPortal Team listens to their players and works closely with it’s community to create a server environment where players can take pride in knowing they played a role in it’s development.
Soulforge PVE Server uses WABS System which is a balancing, scaling system that allows smaller groups to progress through content without the need for full groups. That being said, it’s still challenging, still have to follow boss mechanics but with a smaller group setting.
Server rates are very simple, x3 all around and x5 for professions so you can skip that tedious leveling and profession grind that all of us did at least a hundred times on other servers.
For example:
  • Transmog from all expansions up until Season 20!
  • Reforge System
  • Amazing Exchange System!
  • When you create your character you have access to 1 60% mount
  • At level 10 you have access to a personal teleport pet
  • As you level, every 10th level you reach you will be rewarded with some gold
  • Multitrainer System so you only have to visit one trainer for everything.
  • Weapon Skills are automatically increased as you level
  • Access to Transmogrification system with hidden display ids items and unobtainable tier sets
  • Arena 1v1 Solo Queue and 3v3 Solo Queue
  • Dungeon Finder/Flex Raiding Solo Queue
  • Crossfaction Battlegrounds, Crossfaction everything
  • Dynamic XP/Loot Rates System
  • Last but not least “WPBS” System which scales all dungeons and raids based on player count.
  • No Pay2Win, NO Shop items or Gear, only cosmetics!
On Soulforge PVE Realm you can conquer Dungeons & Raids in a scaled group setting, you can venture in to 10 Man Raids with 2-3 People and 25 Man Raids with 3-5 people, our unique WABS System will allow you to do so, all of the raids mechanics where also adjusted so you can do just that with a smaller group. However if the group is full, our WABS System will disable itself and let’s you play the game normally.
All of our Raids/Dungeons are scripted with over 1000+ commits to make sure everything on our server functions correctly, without any bugs or glitches and will allow you to experience the game as it should be. For example: Our Ulduar works 100% with all Vehicle Mechanics and Hard Mode & our ICC Raid is polished so you and your friends can raid without any fear of bugs, all encounters function correctly, all ICC Quests including Blood Infusion works 100% Blizzlike.
If you are interested in joining WoWPortal Community and embark on a journey like never before, bring your friends over and have absolute blast doing raids and dungeons, I invite you to visit WoWPortal Website:
You can also join their Discord Server:
To learn more about the server:

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