Wotlk-Arena :: WoTLK PvP Realm Announcement

Posted by tbc-arena

Date: February 18, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Greetings community,

We are proud and exuberant to announce a new Wrath of the Lich King PvP realm. It’s our favourite expansion and it has been etched in our minds for many years, a subject we were always keen on taking on but always stayed away. It has been only a faint dream for us, until now.

With over 10 years of private server emulation experience we aim to deliver the most complete, stable, optimized and secure experience.

And so it was born, in summer of 2019. Over the many months since then, we have spent perfecting it until it lived up to the
WotlkArena name.

The realm will offer a truly unique experience and on it’s launch it will be the most complete WoTLK PvP realm. Among many features, here are some worthwhile mentions:

• Properly working transports, collision calculations, pathfinding on the transports for players, NPCs and pets.

• Pathfinding in all battlegrounds and arenas in which months of development went in.

• Fully working spells, mechanics and such, based on many years of experience that went into creating and running test realms.

• Proven record anti-cheat with frequent updates, optimizations, anti-spamming detection systems and shadow punishment systems ensuring that being a cheater never pays off.

As months of development have been poured into the project, the realm design has been an ongoing subject of discussion among ourselves. We have decided to provide a challenging PvP realm. The design of the realm will be as following:

• Instant Level 80.

• S7 Gladiator set can be acquired for free, right away.

• Arena flush every day.

• Honor x2.

• No pay to win.

• Free faction change.

• Free professions.

• Arena mounts, over 1k transmog items for arena rating & more.

• PvP events & Dueling zone.

We are dedicated to provide a worthwhile experience for those who seek to fight for glory in Arenas and Battlegrounds. We invite everyone to join us on February 22, 2020!

Since the server advertisiment started, more than 5000 accounts have been created and over 50 job applications have been received. Development are active every day and vision of the project never stops to be pushed.



sincerely, WA staff.

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