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Posted by Darcksephiro

Date: December 18, 2020

Categories: Announcements

Hi everyone,
I wanted to announce that we just added the third Battleground from another expansion on 3.3.5 : KotMogu’s Temple.

The server has now Gilneas, TwinPeaks and KotMogu’s in available Battlegrounds and Tol’Viron / Tiger’s Peak as arenas.
Adding new battlegrounds improve a lot the PvP experience and we are really happy about the feedback we had. We will continue with the 2 remaining battlegrounds from MoP and Arenas from Legion.

Also, we changed the starting gear from S5 to S6 meaning that balance between new players and stuffed players is reduced. We added vendors based on MMR to get exclusive items. We will start adding transmogrification items from other expansion rewarded also by the MMR of players.

We are really excited about the last change we made and we hope you will appreciate it.

Guilds versus Guilds is now permanently restricted to 7 players per Guild per HQ and it improved a lot the PvP experience. Guilds are reaching a very high level of strategy and group/individual skill. For the moment, french guilds are way stronger than any other region but we would love to see this changing.

We hope to see you soon on our realm and wish you a happy end of the year!

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