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Date: March 24, 2021

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Greetings, Crusaders.

Today is the day you’ve been long waiting for: Whitemane gets 3.1 patch update, Secrets of Ulduar!

What does that mean? What are the changes? The 3.1 patch brings a few changes and opens Arena Season 6 as well as Ulduar. On Whitemane, the latter is in pre-nerf version to bring a bigger challenge and more fun.

What changes are there?

• Season 6 introduction and PvP Vendor update. [7pm ST]
• Ulduar introduction. [7pm ST]
• Vault of Archavon: Emalon is here!
• Next phase in Argent Tournament.
• Jewelcrafting: Stormjewel has been added.
• Emblem update: bosses that dropped EoH will now drop Emblem of Valor instead; vendors are updated too.
• Love is in the Air: you can wear the necks now. After realm restart, delete Cache if you have problems with that.
• Naxxramas: you may enter Frostwing Halls without defeating prior bosses.

As you see, there’s a few changes. You can also check the changelog for more changes regarding specific Ulduar bosses. However, due to the large number of Hard Mode changes, the more difficult version of bosses won’t be available in the first week (25-Man version of Hard Modes, 10-Man HM is available from release). Why is that? We want to give you the best Ulduar possible, we’re working day and night for weeks and our changes regarding the Hard Modes have now crossed the number of 200. And that’s for 25-Man only.
To bring the highest Hard Mode quality and due to the fact that many of the spells require custom code for the client to handle it (which limits us), it will be available the next week after more testing on the closed Development realm.

So, today you get pre-nerf Ulduar 10+10HM+25M (without HM, HM loot is unavailable).

We hope you’re gonna be content of our hard work we’ve put in scripting Ulduar and that experience will be among of the best ones.

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Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

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