Warmane MoP Changelog

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Posted by Arthas

Date: August 7, 2019

Categories: Private Servers



  • Fixed Lifebloom dispel heal being based on current stats instead of stats when lifebloom was casted
  • Fixed Lifebloom final heal being based on current stats instead of stats when lifebloom was casted
  • Fixed Force of Nature treants not stopping their autoattack against ccd targets report #53605
  • Fixed Lifebloom not blooming when spellstolen









  • Fixed Succubus not autocasting Seduction if target has dots
  • Fixed Demonic Fury not being reset on arena join report #36280
  • Fixed Burning Embers not being reset on arena start0
  • Fixed Succubus autocasting Lesser Invisibility even when dots are active on it



  • Voice functionality is now enabled
  • Fixed canceling auctions report #78103
  • Fixed not setting group type to single player when entering a solo scenario
  • Fixed challenge mode groups being downgraded to standard instance groups on server startup
  • Fixed issue when players got message that guild earned achievement even if achievement is already earned by guild
  • Fixed lfg dungeon not being assigned to a map from group on login
  • Fixed server crash when entering a challenge mode instance
  • Fixed extending auction expiry date by a certain duration if bid on while it’s almost expired
  • Fix pet battle tamer related crash report #72043
  • Corrected wrong client error being show for quests already rewarded
  • Add automatic quests granted at levelup to players on login if they remove it from their quest log
  • Fixed Mixology not being learend when reaching 50 skill in Alchemy report #399
  • Fixed achievement Going Down?
  • Fixed named auction house search results not returning battle pets report #43324
  • Fixed Boss level npc dodge chance being slightly too high
  • Fixed Boss level npc parry chance being slightly too high
  • Fixed not all player pets moving behind npcs if they are not the current target
  • Fixed npcs moving while casting on pull
  • Fixed pets not adjusting to target movespeed when chasing in close distance
  • Fixed players not receiving honor while dead
  • Fixed item refunds contributing to achievements such as Dalaran Cooking Award
  • Fixed spell #53251 applying to vehicles
  • Fixed raid targeted spells such as Bloodlust applying to vehicles
  • Creatures will now reset emote and stand states when enters combat
  • Fixed npcs starting casts during Death Grip
  • Fixed mixed damage dots such as Soul Reaper being reduced by effects that reduce physical damage taken
  • Fixed friendly dispels causing some neutral guards to attack
  • Fixed traps not causing threat with the entire formation
  • Fixed procs showing a “You are dead” error if triggered while dead
  • Fixed creature formations not registering threat with redirect target
  • Fixed feign death causing creature formations to not always fully reset
  • Fixed players not receiving leeway range against moving npcs
  • Fixed certain triggered damage spells not breaking cc
  • Fixed taunt diminishing returns being capped at 4 uses instead of 5
  • Corrected range for party members to receive honorable kills
  • Fixed creature daze chance calculation
  • Fixed cone angle for spells such as Cone of Cold being too narrow
  • Corrected distance at which stealthed players can be seen when behind an npc or player
  • Fixed melee cleaves not hitting targets in range when used against targets with a bigger hitbox
  • Fixed spells that can’t trigger procs consuming triggering reflect buff
  • Fixed spellcaster type gameobjects not checking for available charges on use
  • Fixed target dummies being unable to dodge/parry
  • Fixed spells that require player to be behind the target not being usable when in very close proximity to the target
  • Fixed area auras that apply to enemy targets failing to apply on targets based on height difference
  • Fixed evnironmental fire damage not being mitigated by absorbs
  • Fixed glyph removal not updating respective spell tooltips
  • Fixed Flight Masters in Northrend
  • Fixed issue when Warforged and Thunderforged gear didn’t drop report #76200 report #82002 report #23953
  • Fixed skinning in Northrend
  • fixed level of Enraged Felbat
  • Corrected Enraged Wyvern level
  • Added missing elevator to Fizzcrank Airstrip
  • Fixed instance locks not being shown in calendar
  • Fixed issue when item scaling weren’t applied after relog in challenge mode instances
  • Implemented stand animations on taxi mounts (Pandaren Kite for example)
  • Fixed challenge mode item level ceiling report #79851 report #79850
  • Fixed exploit with Ai-Li’s Skymirror




  • Fixed battleground scoreboard not updating honorable kills that were further away
  • Fixed players getting stuck in combat after attacking vehicles in battlegrounds
  • Fixed flag swirl animation not being removed when capturing player is crowd controlled
  • Players can now queue RDF when in BG/Arena queue
  • Fixed arenas not being able to end in a draw if both teams die at the same time
  • Fixed Shadow Sight not allowing players to see stealthed targets that are behind them
  • Arathi Basin
    • Fixed players being able top capture bases while under the effect of Divine Shield
    • Corrected resources required for bonus reputation
    • Fixed players sometimes being stranded at a graveyard if their destination is tapped during the relocation
    • Corrected range at which Honorable Defender is applied to players
  • Temple of Kotmogu
  • Warsong Gulch
    • Fixed time remaining indicator not showing for players who join during preparation phase
  • Alterac Valley
  • Strand of the Ancients
    • Fixed End of round debuff not being applied to players when bg ends by titan relic click
    • Corrected gear scaling factor for demolishers & passengers07
    • Fixed players not being spread out when being teleported to defender start location
    • Fixed seaforium charges not being removed from players on round end
    • Fixed passengers overwriting demolishers scaling from the driver
    • Fixed End of round debuff being instantly removed on round change07
    • Corrected level for npc #2878107
    • Corrected level for npc #2789407
    • Fixed cannons not hitting targets at max range
    • Fixed graveyard capture animations
    • Fixed massive seaforium charges not being dropped on death
  • Eye of the Storm
    • Corrected range at which Honorable Defender is applied to players
    • Fixed players sometimes being stranded at a graveyard if their destination is tapped during the relocation
  • Isle of Conquest
    • Fixed door close animation0043
    • Fixed Huge Seaforium Bombs not being removed on death
    • Fixed High Commander Halford Wyrmbane not being immune to cc0043
    • Fixed Overlord Agmar not being immune to cc0043
    • Fixed base capture animations
    • Fixed players not receiving Honorable Defender when defending the quarry
    • Fixed players not receiving Honorable Defender when defending the refinery
    • Fixed players not receiving Honorable Defender when defending the workshop
    • Fixed players not receiving Honorable Defender when defending the docks
    • Fixed players not receiving Honorable Defender when defending the hangar
    • Fixed Fortress graveyards becoming uncapturable after changing ownership twice
    • Fixed map showing incorrect gate being destroyed when west/east gate go down
    • Fixed wrong gate being announced when east or west gate is destroyed
    • Fixed players sometimes being stranded at a graveyard if their destination is tapped during the relocation
    • Fixed Huge Seaforium Bombs sometimes dispensing more than one bomb
    • Fixed reinforcements not being reduced on all causes of death
  • Battle for Gilneas
    • Corrected resources required for bonus honor


Pirates Day




The Lost Isles

Borean Tundra

  • Fixed overspawn at Kaskala


  • Fixed The Amphitheater of Anguish quests

Timeless Isle

Isle of Thunder

  • Fixed issue when The Storm Gathers
  • Fixed progression scenarios (Assault on Zeb’tula and Assault on Shaol’mara) report #80455
  • Fixed issue when Itoka was evading during phase 2

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • Removed wrong He Softfoot spawn that was removed in 5.4

Jade Forest



Siege of Orgrimmar

  • Fix Immerseus puddles despawning on first contact report #82206


  • Corrected gold amount that drop in the raid

Sunwell Plateau

Heart Of Fear

  • Fixed issue when intro with appearing of Garalon happened even if already done
  • Fixed Garalon’s Leg positions

Eye of Eternity

Black Temple

Tempest Keep: The Eye


  • Following instance scripts have been ported from TBC:
    • Auchenai Crypts
    • Mana Tombs
    • Sethekk Halls
    • Shadow Labyrinth
    • The Steam Vault
    • The Underbog
    • The Blood Furnace
    • Hellfire Ramparts
    • The Shattered Halls
    • The Arcatraz
    • The Botanica
    • The Eye
    • The Mechanar
  • Following instance scripts have been ported from WotLK:
    • Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
    • Azjol-Nerub
    • Drak’tharon Keep
    • Gundrak
    • Halls of Lightning
    • Halls of Reflection
    • Halls of Stone
    • Pit of Saron
    • The Forge of Souls
    • The Nexus
    • The Oculus
    • Trial of the Champion
    • Utgarde Keep
    • The Violet Hold

The Deadmines

Magister’s Terrace


The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Slipstream in Vortex Pinnacle should be always visible

Sethekk Halls

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