Posted by rr2739

Date: April 29, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

V.C.N VIP Account monthly give away restarts today!

Every month, every player with most played time will receive a free VIP Account. We reward players for their dedication to our server.

How do we do this?

Very simple in fact, Yes you are correct, VIP Account usually costs 50$. Which gives you access to unlimited donation gear and access to commands to facilitate your game play on our server.  However, players that invest their free time to VCN and chooses us as their new home, are rewarded!

We also understand that many players come from many different countries, where Dollar value is very high, options to donate in these cases are very limited, which brings us back to a VIP Account Giveaway. This unique monthly giveaway system caters players from all countries, we would like to be the server that provides such an amazing opportunity for players.

We welcome you to our server and wish you a great day!

V.C.N Staff

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