V.C.N WOW – Transmog Heaven | Legion Artifacts & Mythic Sets

Posted by rr2739

Date: April 2, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

V.C.N WOW Opens support for Legion Content on their 3.3.5 WOTLK Realm. Transmog Heaven for those of you who loves Transmog.

2500 Items total were loaded to the server. This includes Legion Artifacts, Legion Mythic Sets and 1500 Recolored Items like an infamous Ashbringer.

Beauty of it, everything is free and accessible by all players in Custom Arena Transmom Mall.

In few weeks, there will be 5 extra maps added from Legion and retro-ported to WOTLK and available on V.C.N Realms.

We will see you there!!





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