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Date: March 9, 2022

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The opening of the Trial of Valor raid will take place on March 9th, the first boss will be available in normal and heroic mode. The second boss will be available on March 16th in Normal and Heroic modes. The third boss and the opening of the mythical mode will be postponed to March 23(mythic mode will open at 15.00 GMT), the shift in the opening date of the bosses is associated with the complexity of their scripting, unfortunately the developers do not have time to fully implement them by the first days of the month.
  • HP – will be increased by 50%
  • Damage – will be increased by 20%
  • Each week after opening mythic mode, HP will decrease by 10% and damage by 4% until the increase drops to 0
  • The first raid to defeat all bosses on epochal difficulty will receive – 100000 bonuses(for the entire raid)
  • The second raid that defeats all bosses on epochal difficulty will receive – 50,000 bonuses (for the entire raid)
  • The third raid that defeats all bosses on epochal difficulty will receive – 25,000 bonuses (for the entire raid)
The information is intended as an introduction and a general idea of how the content will be opened on the server. This information may be changed at any time without prior notice to players. All dates are only approximate, they may change depending on the speed with which content is closed by players, the speed with which developers will fix the content, or any other reasons that may affect the change of opening time.
Start the game: https://uwow.biz/start

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