Greetings! Some months have passed since I decided to open a Vanilla realm under The Alpha Project umbrella (a project I started a couple of years ago to build an emulator from scratch for the 0.5.3 version of WoW).
Kalidar already had a feature where you could clone yourself or other players in order to solo hard content like Elite quests, Dungeons, etc. However, hybrid classes had advantage since they could fulfill different roles. That’s why I decided to enable a command that will let players spawn Party Bots (bots that aid you and only exist when they are inside a party) of any desired class and/or role with the following commands: .partybot add [class_name] or .partybot add [role].
These bots will use, starting at level 10, appropriate gear for their level and spec. The gear will also automatically change whenever you change their roles with .partybot setrole tank|dps|meleedps|rangedps|healer
I have been wanting to add this functionality for quite some time, but now decided it was about time. This way, all classes will be able to form groups and solo a lot of content, including dungeons and easy raid fights to some extent. If we ever have a bigger playerbase where the need for bots is no longer present, they will be disabled. Until then, Kalidar is your safe and mature haven to enjoy Vanilla at your own pace, alone or with friends.
What other features does Kalidar have?
  • Always using latest VMaNGOS updates, I’m a contributor of that project myself.
  • No shop of any kind, ever. This is NOT a commercial project at all, server will stay online regardless of population. I’m also not trying to compete with any existing server.
  • Your characters will always be safe. Not only we have a secure backup system, but if you ever decide to stop playing Kalidar and want a copy of any of your characters to keep playing on any other server, I will provide a dump of your character for free whenever you ask.
  • Server is PvP, although everything is crossfaction except Guilds.
  • AHBot that always populates the Auction House (it doesn’t buy). This way you can always find items on AH regardless of population.
  • PartyBot system that lets you play the game alone if you wish so.
  • Progressive content, including items, quests, mob spawns / stats… Currently the server is still at Patch 1.2. There’s no timeline.
  • All rates are x1.
If you want to play, make sure to join our Discord (where you will also find a lot of discussions about alpha and beta versions of WoW): create an account, simply send a PM to the Alpha Project bot with the text !register.
Have a good day and thanks for reading!

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