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Date: September 29, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

It is a 10 man raid and will contain 6 bosses. All bosses are mechanic heavy, and will be very difficult. Similar with Ulduar, there will be two Tier sets available from this raid, Rare Tier 9 and Epic Tier 9.5. Along with the usual encounters, the raid will also present a new Faction which players can gain Reputation with, different potions, scrolls and buffs, and secrets. The expected time of arrival for the update is October 2020 Story The Light, led by the Naaru A’dal, and the Dark, led by the Void itself, were always in a constant fight: now this is no exception. This round, the Light is winning by a huge margin, and the Dark is being pushed further and further, with them being forced to retreat into the Blackwing Lair, killing everyone in there and claiming the place as their own. The Light has found the Dark’s hiding place and came in to shut their exit, closing them in. In a last attempt to survive and escape, the Dark is performing an ancient ritual to summon a powerful entity, aiding them in the fight. Is it capable of changing the tides of this eternal fight? Or is it too late for them? Or us? With the aid of a few Heroes, the Light finally has hope that the Dark will be expelled from this world. Will you be able to fight through the defences of the Darkness, slay down all its minions and disrupt the ritual? Let the Light be with you, heroes!

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