Turtle WoW Patch Announcement: New Zones, New Factions & More Alpha Content!

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Date: December 24, 2019

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Merry Holidays everyone, I am Tamamo-no-Bae!

You’ve probably heard whispers about me and my patch work and today as a present I thought I’d announce some of the upcoming features with the first client side patch! Rest assured that the game will remain Vanilla mechanically, any new features will be designed with the vanilla philosophy in mind, and any lore will be written based on Vanilla and Warcraft 3. Prior to this Turtle WoW has used existing Wow assets from 1.12 and any addition was server-side, this severely limited what was possible. With a client side patch literally anything is theoretically possible, since I joined I have been working on preparing a patch adding things that will enrich the server and help further the vision of the team!

Please note that some of this content will not be available immediately upon the release of the patch as it’ll have to be developed, the patch contains the assets, maps and mechanics in order for this to be developed. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the content that you may look forward to:

1. All objects spawnable: This means our staff will be able to spawn any ingame building or object. Want to live in a Human house? Now it’s possible! Want to build your own keep with your guild? Theoretically it’s all possible. This feature will be available immediately upon the patch launching but the mechanics for player spawning will need to be designed.

2. New models: New models have been implemented to be used in future content. This includes things such as: Lore character models from TBC, The Infinite Dragonflight, Unused vanilla models that weren’t coded in, Custom models made in the vanilla spirit, and upgraded models such as a custom vanilla Sylvanas and the TBC Rexxar, furthermore voice lines from Warcraft 3 have been used for some units. This feature is likewise available immediately upon the release of the patch.

3. New items: An array of new items have been developed, some are unused in vanilla such as the hotpants, while others come from TBC or are custom. Likewise a lot of item display bugs have been fixed, and a full array of city tabards have been added. Forexample, want to show your Gnomish pride for Gnomeregan? A Gnomeregan Tabard is present now. Other tabards include: A Scourge Tabard, Wildhammer Tabard, Silvermoon Tabard, Cenarion Circle Tabard, etc. These will be earnable either through events, by being native to the tabard’s city, or by reaching exalted with the tabard’s city.

4. New Reputations: New Reputations have been added. It’s possible to properly gain reputation with an array of factions for roleplay purposes. Forexample the Scarlet Crusade, everyone starts as hated but it is possible to gain reputation with them. Another example is the Silvermoon Remnant and Theramore removed in 1.6.1, alongside the Revantusk Trolls.

5. New Events: With these additions it’ll be possible to develop many new events. An example of this would be an event dealing with the Thalassian Elves…Quel’thalas has been destroyed and overrun by the Scourge, the Thalassian Elves are struggling to survive in lodges, likewise the Revantusk allies of the Horde are in a bind. Perhaps they will be grateful if you assist them and willing to offer you unique gear?? These events will be available in the near future.

6. New zones/instances and fixed zones/instances: Vanilla had many zones in the works during it’s development, many that were scrapped, these unused zones have been completed. Forexample: Hyjal has music and ambient sound now, so does the Caverns of Time zones, Minimaps work in GM island, and the Emerald Dream textures no longer glow neon green. Likewise entirely removed zones have been readded, such as the Kalidar Battleground. Caverns of Time is slated for release soon, the rest is in an indeterminate future. Furthermore another major piece of content is being planned, namely Karazhan and…

7. Old Outland: Old Outland was planned to be in Vanilla, originally being the 50-60 zone. I have worked to completely repair the unfinished zone, alongside writing new lore for it. Old Outland will feature both the Burning Legion, the Illidari and Maiev’s wardens. The Illidari and the Wardens are at odds, players may choose whether the ends justify the means as they side with the Illidari to do what must be done, or whether justice must be served as the Wardens strive to bring Illidan to justice for his crimes. Old Outland will be an entirely new zone, with entirely new questlines, new mobs, new factions, and new rewards. The rewards from Old Outland will not exceed those of AQ40, furthemore the zone will be for lv 60 players and will be tuned for players that have at least a few epics. Old Outland is a lot of work and the patch allows this work to properly commence. So it is planned to be available in the distant future.

Once the patch is released there will be a detailed connection guide to help you install the patch!
I hope your holidays will be pleasant!

Of course we’d love to hear any feedback from you! 🙂


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