Turtle WoW: PvP Week, x5 honor rates & XP gains for playing Battlegrounds

Posted by Torta

Date: June 1, 2019

Categories: Private Servers


We are announcing our first “PvP Week”, it will take place during the first week of June.

  • The honor gain will increase up to 5x.
  • Remember that the level 1—9 PvP bracket is open for Warsong Gulch in Turtle WoW.
  • You will gain experience by doing Battlegrounds. 5% of the level if you win, and 2.5% of the level if you lose (you can always stop your experience gaining getting the Turtle Twink’s Insignia for free talking to Speedy. Once the insignia is removed, you’ll continue getting experience).
  • Battleground tabards will be able to queue you to their respective Battleground. They won’t have any reputation requirement anymore and you will be able to buy them in the Battlemasters located inside the RP hubs.

Also, Warsong Gulch only requires 2 players to pop up, Arathi Basin 6 players, and Alterac Valley, 10 players.

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