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Date: May 27, 2019

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As usual, we are bringing back another discarded feature. This time it’s the turn of taurens, because we are implementing Plainsrunning!

Originally taurens were going to have this skill instead of kodo mounts… but now they can have both!

How does this skill work? You might be wondering…

  • When you activate the skill and start running, your speed will increase progressively: 20% – 40% – 60% or 40% – 60% – 100%, depending on your riding skill (yes, you still need riding skill, because if not, you’d be afraid of high speeds!). It takes more or less 5 seconds to gain the full speed.
  • When you stop running, the speed will progressively decrease until 20% or 40%.
  • If you receive damage while running, you will progressively lose speed until completely removing Plainsrunning (0%).

Go ahead and talk to Harb Clawhoof in Bloodhoof Village to start the Plainsrunning journey!
You’ll need to be at least level 40 to start the quest chain.



To celebrate the addition of Plainsrunning, we are adding a new pet to the store called [Kodo Calfling].
It will have a reduced price of 25 Turtle Tokens for a limited period of time!

Kodos are for giving love! Not for riding.
The release is planned on Monday, May 28th 2019.

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