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Date: December 10, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

We’ll be introducing a new Mall today! It’s a little bit bare boned at the moment but everything is there from the old Mall. I suppose it’s more like a town than a mall now, eh? We’ll casually improve the new mall over the next few weeks. Interested in knowing our plans for this new mall? Lemme tell you!

Daily Quest – 5 to 10 dailies you can do every day that will reward you with shinys, custom food buffs, and more. They won’t be your typical kill X amount or collect X amount of things either!
A World Boss – Yes we will add a world boss to the mall. You might be thinking that is bad but once you see the new place you’ll see that it has enough room!
Combined Malls – We’ll be combining all of the custom malls we have(except for pvp) into one big mall.
Invasion Events – An event or events we can activate that will begin an invasion of NPCs who will periodically invade the outskirts of the mall. With an event boss to boot. Introduction of new event currency, vendor, and items.

We wanted to release the mall with these features included but sadly a lot of them depend on other projects to be finished first. Such as the Event and Voter rewards system overhaul for the Invasion and World boss features. The new dailies depend on patch updates as well(Hopefully see that soon!). There are some cosmetic improvements that I personally want to add to the new mall but I really don’t feel like ocding over cosmetics when we have a Christmas Event coming up soon. So we figured instead of sitting on the new mall and waiting for updates that could take awhile, we’ll just release the base form of it and update it in phases.

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