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Date: May 7, 2019

Categories: Announcements

Since launch we have been asked to produce some kind of a pve leader board so people can track their kills whilst also having the ability to compare their times against other members of the community. Well in the past couple days TBC 5 Man has successfully launched the first iteration of the PVE leader board and we’d like to share the news with the private server community.

The leaderboard can be found at our main site – Click the drop down on the top menu bar or go directly to

If you fancy popping on and checking the server out, go for it! It is never to late on TBC 5 Man, increased raid accessibility will always be a thing due to the 5 man nature and most importantly is it’s free and non p2w so there is nothing to lose!

Live Logging:

Tracks players for each boss kill:

Top Times:

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