Tales of Warcraft Role-Playing Server: New Phase Launching 1st of June

Tales of Warcraft is a small and friendly private server which is run by a circle of friends set in the universe of Warcraft. We aim to bring an immersive role-playing experience, and a chill community, for like-minded individuals and newcomers alike.

The next phase of Tales of Warcraft will be releasing on June 1st at 20:30 GMT+1. The phase will start off in Hillsbrad, Alterac, Tirisfal, and Western Plaguelands with the possibility of new zones opening as plotlines and population call for it. The phase will take place during the Burning Crusade, while the great heroes are in Outland, allowing for a lot more potential when it comes to new concepts and what we can do, without deviating too far from familiar canon. We look forward to creating some unforgettable stories with you.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to browse our forums and/or join our Discord, or send a private message to Sevencix#2166 on Discord if you’ve any questions.

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