Project-Nightfall Upcoming Beta Information

Posted by Furious

Date: April 1, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Project-Nightfall is an upcoming blizzlike Cataclysm private server that been in development for at least the last year. Today they’ve announced some additional details on their soon to be released beta testing schedule.

Here’s the full post from their team:

Greetings, Nightfall. We are pleased to bring you all another community update!

For starters, thank you to everyone who has shown interest in, and contributed to the project so far. Our Discord Server gets more active by the day as hype builds for our Open Beta event!

Henceforth, here are some information on our planned Open Beta:

The open beta will be conducted over a series of weekends in 10/20 level increments. Meaning that on release Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the only days the Beta will be accessible for that week. Furthermore, only levels 1-20 will be obtainable.

For the remainder of the week, Monday through Thursday, the realm will be closed to process submitted bugs before opening again the next weekend for levels 20-40 and so on. We have chosen to handle it this way to encourage cooperative play, thorough testing, and to stress test zones, dungeons and Battlegrounds, etc.

Planned content blocks per weekend:

  • 1-20
  • 20-40
  • .. and so on.

Progress made on the open beta will not be carried over to the live server on release!

We have prepared clients for download, both full and mini clients, as well as some popular addons! Links to those will be released a few days prior to the event so everyone can get ready. While we’re not going to announce the dates as of yet, there is a clue as to when this might be. It’s pinned in our discord server.

In other news, as the open beta draws closer, we will launch an advertising campaign, to try and draw as much attention as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions for advertisement – don’t be afraid to shoot us a message!

March has by far been our most productive month. We now have only 250 reports remaining to sort through vs over 400 that we have fixed, with our development team constantly cranking out more.

Best regards,

Nightfall Staff

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