Project Durnholde — Casual MOBA-experience based on Vanilla WoW!

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Date: July 1, 2020

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Greetings! We’re happy to announce a small Turtle WoW side project, which is still in very early development.

Project Durnholde is aiming to create a casual and fun MOBA-experience based on WoW engine and lore. This includes short battle sessions (averaging 1-3 hours) with the final goal to take over the main map’s POI. The lore behind the battlefield will be based on Warcraft 2’s history of the liberation of the orcs from internment camps.

Early gameplay concept (work in progress)
  • Teams: limited to 50-100 players

  • Available races for Beta: Orcs & Humans

  • Maximum player’s level: 10

Spells, Talents & Skills

There will be fewer spells for each class, scaled down to fit our needs. Spells will be auto-learned on every level up. There will be no secondary or primary professions – we’re scrapping them. Talents will be available from level 1 and you’ll receive a few new talent points on each level up.

In the long-term, we plan to create a custom, shorter, talent-tree for every class. However, since it’s the most complicated part of the development, we’re pushing it to a lower priority than the basic functions of the scenario. At some point, we’ll be looking for someone to help when it comes to class rebalancing.

Team Bases

Horde and Alliance will start at their own dedicated base. You will have to gather required materials and complete special quests to unlock important buildings and features for your team and make sure that your base is well-protected, by hiring guard units. Important buildings to unlock:

  • Garrison: Allows you to hire more guards for your base. Each guard will cost you some money in upkeep.

  • Repair Shop: The name is self-explanatory: it repairs things!

  • Stables: Hire a horse for a limited amount of time and a fair price. There will be no other mounts.

  • Provision & Reagent Shop: Food, flasks, reagents, everything you need for war.

  • Equipment Store: One of three places you’ll be able to gather your gear from.

Exploration, Gear & Grinding

Unlock bonus buffs for your faction hidden in the forest / mine / lake and other unique places.

Creatures won’t drop anything but gold. You’ll be able to buy basic gear at your base’s shops. There’ll be a few chests with equipment, hidden secret vendors and faction-based weapon vendors in the PvP towers. The faction to take over the tower will be able to access the vendor!

The gear is cosmetic and stats are attached to special stat pieces which are upgraded as you upgrade your base. Cosmetic gear is retained upon the end of the match.


Since it’s a short-battle session, you won’t be able to keep your character’s progress but your PvP titles, tabards and stateless cosmetic gear will remain. General PvP statistics will be displayed on our website. Additionally, you will receive rewards in Turtle Tokens that are usable in Turtle WoW in our donation shop.

Join our Discord to contribute suggestions and ideas:

Best regards,
Torta, Sinrek and Tamamo

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