This game world will allow you to start the game from scratch, it will also contain unique features:

  • opening date: 12.02.2021 at 16.00 GMT
  • rates of the game world: x1
  • type of game world PvP
  • the ability to create a character immediately to the maximum level (110) in the 780 iLvl outfit and with all the artifacts in the bag (for those who are tired of routine leveling).
  • for lovers of leveling, it will be possible to create a character of the 1st level and go all the way up to the 110th (a special reward will be available for such players)
  • the ability to fly in legion / draenor without obtaining the necessary achievements
  • access to all content of patch 7.3.5 (no gradual openings, all raids and dungeons will be available immediately)
  • the ability to carry two legendary items at once (without completing the necessary quests)
  • ladder of mythic + dungeons (system Mythic + Rating), more details:
  • currency Wakening Essence will drop from old raids (Mythic difficulty), however, the amount of currency will depend on the raid, from older raids such as The Emerald Nightmare, the amount of currency will be less than with Antorus, the Burning Throne
  • premium account

Information about donate:

  • donate will not be available immediately, but some time after the launch of the game world and will contain some differences from the current one on realm x100

Cross information:

  • the realm will not be connected to the cross server since opening
  • further connection will be announced later

How to start playing:

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