Nostralia – Donations, Suggestions & Staff Recruitment

Posted by Furious

Date: May 27, 2018

Categories: Private Servers

On behalf of team Nostralia, I want to thank everyone for their continued support whether it is in the form of a donation, assisting with server advertising, helping other players, or providing constructive feedback. With that said, the exotic vendor has been a popular addition, so much so, that we were not expecting the amount of donations we have received.

I want to make it clear that Nostralia has been, and will always be a not-for-profit project. And for that, a significant portion (if not all) of the donations will be donated to a charity once Nostralia is concluded.

However, we plan on organizing a community event from which we hope players can suggest other worthy causes that we can dedicate the rest of the donations to.

We have a suggestion or two of our own and would greatly appreciate your opinions and attendance. One of which involves a future project that may interest many of you.


Nostralia is currently in need of more staff to help maintain and run the server. If you are interested in this position and can commit an hour or two a day consistently, please fill out the form found here:

There may be delays with staff response time until we recruit additional GMs. We would appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please do not hestiate to contact staff directly via our Discord Channel if you have any doubts or questions.

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