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Date: July 24, 2019

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The Chapter 1, Tier 2 World Boss and Mini Class Balance have been released!

The story behind the Chapter 1 questline has been revealed to be for players to unlock the upcoming Artifact Weapons.

Tier 2 World Boss – Alysrazor <Reborn and Purified>
Alysrazor, aimed at a difficulty of 5 man with full Tier 2 gear, is a new World Boss located in the Durotar Questing Zone (can also be found at the teleporter).

Mini Class Balance – PvE and PvP
We have, at first, tried to balance each Class spell by spell basis, which worked great in instances like Black Temple, but after a lot of testing, with different types of combinations, like a Retribution Paladin with Tier 5 in Ragefire Chasm, we have realized that the way we did it will never work unless we will fix the issue from the ground up, which are: item stats values, Tier gap, and broken stats like Spell Penetration and such.

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We will see you in-game, heroes!

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