Looking For Raid – WOTLK 5man – T7.5 Released | Server First competition

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Date: October 6, 2021

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Looking For Raid – WOTLK 5man – T7.5 Released | Server First competition

We released the final bosses of T7.5, Sartharion, Malygos and Kel’thuzad thus beginning the competition for server first achievements.

Rather than the traditional first group to kill each boss is rewarded with the Server First achievements we’ve changed it up to allow groups with less time to play to compete and to ultimately reward the best groups with the achievement.

We’ve introduced a system to track boss kill times and wing clear times and will be using this system to reward each of the fastest groups to clear wings after the end of T7.5 with the server first achievement, and the title to go along with this.

You can view this system at LFR (lookingforraid.co.uk)

For Obsidian Sanctum this will be the group with the quickest +3 drakes kill.

If you’re looking for a server focusing on quality PVE content with a real challenge and looking to take part in competitive PVE that you can take part in now is the time to join!

25-man difficulty raids have all had changes made to make them unique and challenging fights. Each new mechanic introduced with thought going into them to synergise with the existing fight. Some highlights of these:

  • Thaddius will overload resulting in a discharge of electrical energy dealing damage to every player, multiplied by the amount of polarity stacks

  • Heigan will have clouds spawn throughout the room during the fight, if you run into these clouds you will be slowed with the slow reducing over a 6second period

  • Sartharion has another flame wall going vertically up or down the platform, with 4 possible spawn locations

  • Kel’thuzad Instead of Guardian’s of Naxxramas spawning, The Lich King will enter the fight to support Kel’thuzad spawning waves of minions that all require handling in different ways, some need healing, some need kiting, some need abilities to be dodged. Kel’thuzad will retreat during this phase and a protective barrier being applied with the shield being damaged by some of The Lich King’s minions.

10-man fights remain the same with minor changes and tuning to be able to be doable by smaller group sizes.

You can find more information on all 25-man changes on our wiki: Wiki (lookingforraid.co.uk). You can also view all other server changes on the wiki, including the changes already made to 10-man fights to work with the smaller group sizes.

For new players some of the key features of the server are:

  • Instant 80

  • Instant 375 professions

  • Instant friendly with key Northrend factions

  • Reduced raid lockouts

  • Cross faction

  • 5-Man only raids

  • Progressive release



Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sHpEP73vVT

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