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Date: May 21, 2020

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Why us?

There is a lot of good WotLK servers around which have a long established community, although for most people, it’s about getting to experience the journey from the start which is an opportunity that you have to mark your name and make some great friends. It’s harder to do that on a server that has been around a good while longer.

Focused on scripting and quality

We describe our self as a unique PvE realm. You can focus on what interests you most, whether you’re a person who loves quests and want to get the Loremaster, as if you are a pve lover born and want to focus on the progression of your character. We consider it very important to complete the story of the characters, so those who are some achievement hunters will find here a perfect place to stay and accumulate the most achievements points possible or if you want, just explore the world. The PvE is one of the great qualities of WotLK you’ll enjoy it being as Casual or Hardcore Raider. If you are someone who loves the thrill of patches strictly you have the option of these kinds of challenges on our realm.

Long-term project

It’s your account and characters’ value, effort and time. We believe you deserve the time and the work we have invested in creating a long-term solution.

No pay to win

We accept donations in order to pay our host and we do have a shop where you can buy companions, mounts, bags and some other stuff that is not game breaking. We will never sell gear or gold.

What other custom features does the server have?

  • Transmogrification.
  • Crossfaction Dungeon Finder.
  • Global channel.
  • Crossfaction Guilds.
  • Crossfaction Auction House.
  • Weekend extra experience gain (x2).
  • Free heirlooms from level 1.

Some perks joining us now

Facebook giveaway

More server information can be found on the website


We are proud to have such dedicated and humble community. You are welcome to join us any time!

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