Latest news about Gurubashi WoW, the upcoming Vanilla server!

Posted by Aeryx

Date: May 20, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Taz’dingo Friends!

Finally, after a small hiccup due to real-life issues, we are completely available again!

With the recent news of other Vanilla servers going the custom way, we decided that a gap of a real (no Classic), old school, Vanilla experience was being created. Because of that, we thought to cut some of our more game-changing features and keep only the less exotic ones, although our plan is to work closely with our community and study, along with our players, the direction and features they will like to see in the far future of this project (like the arenas we previously announced or scripted PvP events). But for now, following this conservative and slow paced approach, these are the features we chosen to launch with (rates will still be x1):

The realm will be progressive, we are adapting the Classic phases a little bit:
· Phase 1 – Onyxia, Molten Core, Honor System (all Battlegrounds) and World Bosses
· Phase 2 – Blackwing Lair and Dire Maul
· Phase 3 – Zul’Gurub
· Phase 4 – Ahn’Qiraj
· Phase 5 – Naxxramas

Easy access to Battlegrounds
You will be able to join battlegrounds anywhere in the world!

City Protector’s System
Every Wednesday, after the Honor Update, 8 players, one of each race, will be granted their corresponding City Protector title. City Protectors are allowed to teleport to their homeland with a cooldown of 60 minutes.

Twink Mode
Enabling this feature will stop you from gaining any kind of experience!

Low level Warsong Gulch bracket
We are opening two new Warsong Gulch brackets: the level 1 bracket, and the 2-9 one.

As a side note, I would like to add that our forums are finally ready and you can visit them already: Also, that we plan to contribute back to the open-source community every fix we do to Blizzlike content.

We have everything ready to launch, we just need to build a larger community around the project. When we accomplish that, we’ll release. Hopefully during the early summer, so, to help us, spread the word!

Website: | Discord:

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