[Unlimited – Update]
Newest tier raid Blackwing’s Lair release, Overhaul of the transmog system, New VIP system and Arena Season end!
Blackwing Lair has been released!
It contains 6 bosses, Nexus-Prince Sharfaad, The Mind Controlled Vikings, Xanirya, Professor Palirim, Specimen 42 and Va’ri.
Arena Season End
The current arena season is coming to an end. Both the 2v2 Arenas and 3v3 Solo Queue Arenas ratings will get reset. Top 10 2v2 teams have been rewarded accordingly.
New Transmogrification System
A new Transmogrify System is now in place. It is similar to the retail Transmogrification system. You can buy all the items on the server (unless they have been manually disabled), and use them to transmogrify for free. Also, any item that you receive, either from a boss or from a vendor, will get unlocked in the transmogrification store for free.

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