HEROES WoW: Alpha 0.1

So yeah that’s all the changes we did while in Alpha 0.1 of testing. This testing was centered around testing the Starter gear, Tier 1 Dungeon, and player abilities. Our goal was to find out very base foundation for everything. We corrected most of weirdly done scaling from Unlimited and adjusted it to the new stats and expected output. I’m pretty happy with the results. Took a bit longer than I hoped to balance everything for Starting experience but we got most stuff flushed out.

We’re now moving onto Tier 1 gear and Tier 2 instance testing. Special thanks to the following tester; Dorah, Flashangel, Kahz, JBroman, Evolved, AbloxGames, pHildy, Lidens, Blazedd, & Haakon who have been testing and reporting issues.

To all those who still have a app open or for new people who want to join in testing, we’re still accepting new testers and we will answer your apps asap. We’ve slowed down on the amount of people we accept each day for management reasons but we’re still accepting!

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