Easter Event 2021!!!
Easter is arriving in Lakeshire. The townfolk of Lakeshire have long endured a drought that’s caused their lake to dry out, fields to burn and their animals to go thirsty. This year around, they are trying something that’s been lost for a very long time to reignite the essence of spring. Join us in celebrating Easter with the town, feed the rabbits, swim in the lake and defend the town from creatures wanting to take away spring!
– Event Tokens –
This is our main Event currency and is used for all our non-seasonal event items. You’re able to earn these Event Tokens from all types of events rather it be seasonal events, staff hosted events, or normal recurring events. The vendor for these tokens is spawned in the mall. We will be adding items to this vendor during the Easter Event as well as releasing an upgrade for the event trinket that already exist.
– Essence of Spring –
This is the currency used for Easter Events specifically. You will be able to buy various Easter Event items such as weapons, heads and chests that are Easter/spring themed. You’ll also be able to purchase cosmetics like auras, toys, pets and mounts. The currency is earned from the quest-line, daily quests, Brightly Colored Eggs that Easter Rabbits hatch and Golden Egg rewarded after feeding Easter Rabbits.
Happy Easter!


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