Midsummer 2020!

Happy (belated) Midsummer fellow adventurers. Apologies for the wait, with Overhaul taking up a lot of time the event was inevitably delayed. This year’s Midsummer event is a slight throw back, but spruced up with some new decor and new content. Overall, there are 6 quests! Included in there are 2 dailies and 1 weekly quest. Varidus has been busy researching the elements and has obtained some new spoils for adventures to trade. The questline will begin in Avalon, you will know who to speak too, he is rather obnoxious, but we think he means well… In many places all around the world you will find either a pack of rampaging elementals or valuable Flaming Chests, the locations however are classified, you will need to discover them for yourselves.

Event Lore
After a long sleep deep within The Obsidium Sanctum, Orlunn The Inferno Lord has finally reawakened along with his devoted followers. His awakening has brought trouble to Silvermoon City where he once recruited the very adventurers whom he betrayed. The city now crawling with the spirits of his fallen heretics, is on fire and dire trouble. Majordomo Staghelm and his remaining trusted comrades are waiting for brave adventurers to help them fight back and douse the flames haunting the city before it is too late. Once his forces have been weakened, we will be able to force our way into his Orlunn’s Lair and vanquish him once again, hopefully for good this time!

More info: https://forum.heroes-wow.com/threads/7011-Midsummer-2020!

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2 years ago

very funny initiative, I hope it will follow.

2 years ago

Thank You very much for positive opinion. We will do our best for WoW funs.

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