HEROES-WoW: Update of Premium and preparation of new Seasons

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Date: May 4, 2020

Categories: Private Servers

Updating of Premium System is a feature in which the player can upgrade their account from a Regular Account to Premium Account for a limited time.

You can upgrade the account to Premium that at the Premium Services NPC in the middle of the Mall. You can type command “.details” (without the quotes) in-game to check if your account has been upgraded to Premium Account and your remaining Premium Time.

You will get a handful of Benefits, which allows you to speed up your gearing process, along with different bonuses. Along with the Benefits, you can buy different Perks and Purchases.
The Premium Account, Perks and Purchases all cost Gold Coins. The Benefits are free.

The Premium System in-game – the information are available in your Spellbook, in a new tab called Premium, Perks & Purchases Tab (which only shows if you have the latest Item Enchant Patch (aka Patch-9.mpq)), or at the Premium Services NPC.

In May, we are planning to start Dire Maul Brawl FIRST EVENT OF SEASON  5.


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