Halloween Event | RetroWoW Instant 60 – 1.12.1

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Date: October 29, 2021

Categories: Private Servers

Happy Halloween everyone!

To commemorate the holiday the RW Staff has put together a fun event to enjoy!

Meet the Big Bad Wolf, who has come to terrorize Silverpine Forest.
Since the Wolf’s arrival the entire zone has become destabilized and now is dangerous for everyone again. (FFA Enabled!)

The World Boss teleporter can be found at mall.

The Wolf will be challenging, so bring a group!
Big Bad Wolf has a 15 min respawn time.

Have fun!

Loot table (2% Drop Chance):
– Deathstriker (https://classicdb.com/?item=12590)
– Ironfoe (https://classicdb.com/?item=11684)
– Mark of the Dragon Lord (https://classicdb.com/?item=13143)
– Manual Crowd Pummeler(https://classicdb.com/?item=9449)
– Blade of Eternal Darkness (https://classicdb.com/?item=17780)
– Runeblade of Baron Rivendare (https://classicdb.com/?item=13505)
– Headmaster’s Charge (https://classicdb.com/?item=13937)
– The Purifier (https://classicdb.com/?item=22656)
– Elemental Attuned Blade (https://classicdb.com/?item=20698)
– Dragon’s Call (https://classicdb.com/?item=10847)
– Blackblade of Shahram (https://classicdb.com/?item=12592)
– Sul’thraze the Lasher (https://classicdb.com/?item=9372)
– Circle of Flame (https://classicdb.com/?item=11808)
– Helm of Narv (https://classicdb.com/?item=2245)
– The Lion Horn of Stormwind (https://classicdb.com/?item=14557)
– Guardian Talisman (https://classicdb.com/?item=1490)
– Luffa (https://classicdb.com/?item=19141)
– Nifty Stopwatch (https://classicdb.com/?item=2820)
– Carrot on a Stick (https://classicdb.com/?item=11122)
– Idol of the Moon (https://classicdb.com/?item=23197)
– Book of the Dead (https://classicdb.com/?item=13353)
– Savage Gladiator Chain (https://classicdb.com/?item=11726)
– Freezing Band (https://classicdb.com/?item=942)
– Warden Staff (https://classicdb.com/?item=943)
– Skullflame Shield (https://classicdb.com/?item=1168)
– Teebu’s Blazing Longsword (https://classicdb.com/?item=1728)


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