Gurubashi WoW | Community Update & Release Date

Taz’dingo Friends!

After listening closely to your feedback, we have decided to adjust our plans! We will launch a 100% Blizzlike server starting at Patch 1.2. All items will of course be properly itemized to the corresponding patch.

However, we will ask for your opinion regarding custom changes before we release the honor system patch. Potential optional features are twink mode (no XP gain), the level 1 Warsong Gulch bracket, the City Protector System and the ability to join level 1-59 battlegrounds anywhere in the world. We will only implement them if the vast majority of players agree.


We will launch July 18th, 2020 at 18:00 CEST. Everyone who plays during that weekend will receive one of the collector’s edition pets: Diablo, Panda or Zergling. After that weekend, they will no longer be available. We would also like to announce that we are going to perform a hardware test on July 5th, so stay tuned!

Why did we choose this particular date?

  • It gives us plenty of time to build a bigger community and spread the word over social media.

  • We can prepare our software and hardware to ensure a smooth launch.

  • Most European countries will be on holiday.

  • It doesn’t overlap our launch with other servers’.

We are eager to meet everyone, watch our new community develop and see guilds, alliances and new friendships formed. 🙂

Best regards,
Gurubashi WoW Team

Website: | Discord:

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