Gamer District announces permanent exp rates increase to x2 on their Echoes realm

Posted by Furious

Date: January 20, 2019

Categories: Private Servers

Earlier today Kain, an administrator from the Gamer District team, announced that their Echoes WotLK realm will be permanently moving from x1 to a x2 experience rates.

Greetings community!

:white_check_mark: As mentioned a few days ago, we came to a conclusion regarding experience rates. After looking into player activity, number increase, positive effect and positive feedback and request, we have decided to make 2x our permanent default normal experience rate. This decision did not come lightly as we had to observe and compare many factors between 1x and 2x and see which one would be more beneficial for the server.

:exclamation: It is important to note that the experience change will only affect experience and nothing else. We will be adding an experience command to reduce it to 1x for those that wish to level under 1x experience rate. We hope you are satisfied with this decision!

See you in-game! :smiley:

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