Posted by Kaladin

Date: October 27, 2021

Categories: Announcements

Join the Burning Legion in this Roguelike WoW mode: enter the Twisting Nether, jump to level 20, and perfect your Core Build. Each time you descend to Azeroth for a 20-60 run, you’ll draft a new set of skills. Take on challenges, slay members of the Horde and Alliance, and even other Fel Heroes to rise through the ranks and prove your dominance. Each time you die you’ll reset to level 20, gaining all of the Fel Power you accumulated on your run. Spend it to boost your core build’s effectiveness, and increase your strength for the next invasion! Collect Souls from other Heroes and Challenges to gear up, aquiring Heirloom Gear to start your runs as strong as possible. Play with friends, dominate foes, and bring Azeroth to its knees!

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