Posted by Eye of Gods

Date: January 31, 2021

Categories: Private Servers

Thank You very much for a lot of correspondences, advises and opinions (most very positive), I am sorry that we have changed nearly full page and server without any information (we have been very busy).

As we promised after the premiere of the new EYE of GODS server to make the game in WoW more attractive, interactive and to introduce new solutions that have never been used before within any version of WoW or within any server we have introduced new solutions on our server and webpage. We used original concept of webpage. As You have visited our page You see everyday changes, as we said we have used some of Your suggestions, advises and we have got new look and functions at the start.

We have made new updates of content and restarted twice our server – all have been said that we have version no. 5 (sorry for some inconveniences).

To  our server we have added more than 10 thousands each day.

Our registration, download and connection to server with server have been simplified now.

We have prepared 5 more tiers (we introduced 19th Tier). Rest of them we will introduced till first days of February. And much more.

We plan to introduce new Tiers and reopening of updated Realms. When it has been introduced we will inform You by social media (new channel in our communication) and webpages.

Visit our webpage and server,  You will see.

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