Posted by Helen of WoW

Date: January 13, 2021

Categories: Announcements


Players have been waiting for a new game, we give You chance to play at server with new game especially prepared for people who likes to play within WoW climate. We have tried to give You fresh new game which is similar to Warcraft but give players more fun without any limits gave by producers.

We have given our players new page layout and new functions which are no available at other servers or at Blizz servers.

We have prepared new player’s panel with new unique functions and multi-functions, which are not available anywhere else.

This is our new experimental quality solution that breaks with our old projects, which are less interesting and attractive to our players. We want to refresh the world of strategic games similar to WoW.

Thank You very much for all the comments and observations that allowed us to follow a new path. We kindly ask for any comments and observations that will help us in the further development of our new project.

We have had to freeze two Realms for now in preparation for the update, for which we apologize.

Some functionalities had to be limited due to hacker attacks, but apart from enthusiasts and experts there are also greedy people who cannot appreciate someone’s work.




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