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Date: September 1, 2018

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As you are already aware, we are releasing a new Wrath of the Lich King realm under the name of Echoes. This project has been in the works since mid 2017 with no leaks, however the video released back in late 2017 contained a hidden text within the last message of the video which says “New 1x Realm”, hopefully someone will find it one day!

Who or what is Gamer-District?

Gamer-District is an ongoing project that dates all the way from 2010. Known for overall excellence, we still strive for quality and community. Our community and players come first and we shape the world around their vision and aim to give quality content as time goes on. We have been under the radar for the longest of time, but with the release of the new 1x realm (Echoes), we have decided to finally surface make ourselves more visible and give a clear idea of what the future holds for Gamer-District and what direction we are heading!

Why choose us?

– Quality: With a very talented developing team and over 7000 commits on top of the original repository filled fixes and improvements, we hold our heads high in terms of working and especially quality content and plan on improving even more as time goes on.

– Stability: We have a record of over 30 days server up time without a restart. A restart was eventually done for updates and to free up memory.

– Vision: Since last year, we have heavily improved on communication with our community. As a result, staff – community relationship improved by a lot, communication is now transparent and the community provides constant feedback and suggestions on our forums which are all read, reviewed and weighed upon. We are always open for new suggestions.

– No corruption: We never have and never will do anything under the rug or shady practices. We have a healthy reputation of no corruption and we intend on keeping this forever. We always tell the truth and are honest to our community.

– Our Staff: We are very picky when it comes to staff. Our current team is very dedicated, experienced and put the community before their needs, always. Staff of Gamer-District is NOT and I repeat NOT allowed to use their GM powers to help players in an unfair manner or tamper in-game with players to affect their gaming experience in a negative fashion. Staff is here to help you and not for selfish self needs as other servers present themselves. Please note that even high ranked staff members are prohibited from doing shady practices.

Echoes 1x information:

​Release date: 29th September, 19:00 GMT +1.

​Sever Location: France, and currently holds 973 days up time.

​Rates (everything): 1x

Realm type: PvP (you are automatically flagged for PvP when you enter a contested zone)

​Realm first achievements: Available (excludes realm first achievements that were not available on live, for example Grand Master Leatherworker).

​Crossfaction Auction House: No

​Crossfaction Chat: No

​Crossfaction Mail: No

​Raid availability: 3 weeks after launch. The reason behind this is simple, to give all players a chance to race for realm first Naxxramas. Please remember we try to compensate for all players.

Talents: 3.3.5a. Raids that are not equivalent to 3.3.5a talents will receive some modifications to compensate.

Arena Season: Starts 1 week after Naxxramas is released.

Arena Flushes: Weekly.

PvP Tournaments: Will be available at the end of each season for top teams to compete against each other.

Refer-A-Friend: Will become available in December 2018. We will not have this available from the start due to a variety of reasons.

P2W (Pay to Win/Shop): No items/boosts/level ups/resets/anything that will tamper with the normal flow of the game will be available for cash. Only stuff that will be available are name change, customization, race, faction changes.

Transmog: Will be added much later in the project and will be disabled by default and can be enabled at any time. This feature will very likely have an in-game poll for the community to decide if they wish this feature to be implemented or not.

Ping/Latency: EU players will have between 10 – 60 ping and NA players between 70 – 110. Ping/Latency depends on your global location and the quality of your ISP.

VIP services/Population faking: Should not even be needed to state, NEVER.

Timeline/Content Schedule: Will be released during the third week of September.

More information will be released in the following weeks, stay tuned!

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I’d like to ask why the timer on your website is gonna be at 00:00:00 at 29.09.18 17:00 GMT and not 19:00 like stated?


19:00 GMT is 21:00 my time or French time. The time is 21 days and 17:06 hours and it’s 1:54 am right now which means your timer will be at 0 when its 19:00 my time… which will be 17:00 GMT. If the timer is correct on your Website, then 19:00 “GMT” is wrong. It would be 19:00 CEST.


France current time + your timer is 17:00 29.09


yeah. just that your time which you are refering to is not GMT it’s CEST.. french time is not GMT. 19:00 GMT is not true.


All in all what I am saying is if your post said 19:00 CEST. Your timer would fit.


How many players do you guys expect to start on your new server and more important:
Why do you expect this server to be alive for a long time? It is known that many new servers actually die within a few months (sadly).
Is there already any feedback from many players who cant wait to start which you could confirm?

Thx a lot 🙂

D Aguirre
D Aguirre

Hey I just want to say that I played on GD’s x7 rate for about 3 years on & off and it was BY FAR the best private server experience I ever had. I was more engaged in this server than any other because it had a great community, the server itself was ran in a very common sense way (like the world portal in Dalaran they have, for example, was a great and immersive way to make it easier to travel the world) and a lot of little things like that made it easy to pour time into it.… Read more »